Tips On How to use Craigs ListTo Meet Gay Men

April 22nd, 2012

Online dating is a new popular way to meet people for dating and companionship. Some of the online dating websites however can come with expensive costs and sometimes with very little results. Rather than pay up to $40 a month to use one of these services many are turning to free online classified websites such as CraigsList in order to meet potential dating matches. This article will explain how to meet gay men on Craigslist using the CraigsList personals ads section of the site.

Email Address

First of all before you begin even posting an online personals ad on craigslist or browsing through user profiles, be certain to create a new email address with HotMail, Yahoo or Gmail which does not include your personal information or contact info. With an anonymous email address a person will not be able to find you through your account or stalk you if you wish to end a relationship or chat. As well CraigsList is a popular website for people to fish for email addresses to spam. With a throwaway mail address your regular inbox will not become flooded with advertisements and other things you don’t need.

Making An Account

Creating an account on is quite easy from there using your login information and new email account. Be filling out the sign up form and confirming your email you will soon be able to post your own advertisement and respond to other personal ads that are up on the website.

The M4M or men seeking men personals section on craigsList is an area that gay men can post to find and seek other gay men. There are many other sections of personals on Craigs List so it is important to know exactly what you seek out of your advertisement/who you want to view your ad and post in the appropriate section.

Writing your first ad can be a bit difficult, explain exactly what you are looking for and what your personality is like. If there is a certain type of person you are looking for it is important to say that directly in your advertisement so that you can get the best possible match and result from your ad. Spend time creating your ad so that it will attract the right people. You may have to repost your ad in order to keep it near the top of the list to ensure many users will see it, always rewrite your ad a bit so that you are not reported for spam and your ad isn’t removed.

Be Safe

When it comes time to contact people that you are interested in it is also important to know exactly what to say. Be certain not to give away too much information in emailing and responses to advertisements as there are many fake profiles on CraigsList that work to prey on people stealing their information and selling it. Try to use humor and just try and speak as naturally as you can. If you have verified another users identity it might be a good time to try and get their phone number or even arrange a meet up. It is always best to meet in a public place and to make sure there are lots of witnesses.

Using Craigs List is a great way to meet gay men. But be careful, there are plenty of scams and fake profiles out there. Always air on the side of caution but also try and enjoy the potential connections you can make using a free service like CraigsList.

Tips To Create A Gay Dating Profile That Gets Attention

April 21st, 2012

Gay Dating Profile, How To Do It Right

So, you have decided that it is time to join a gay dating site, such as MenNation . This is a great first step in meeting a potential partner online. But with the number of profiles on an online dating site growing every day and the popularity of online dating increasing, it is quite easy to get lost in the shuffle. The following article will offer up a few tips to create a gay dating profile that will get you attention and make sure you are not lost in the sea of other users.

Profile Info: First of all, don’t be afraid to be picky when you are creating your online profile. Know exactly the type of man or woman that you want to attract and describe exactly what you are looking for and the experience that you are looking to get out of the online dating scene. If you use a vague description that simply states you are seeking any guy or any girl for a hangout or good time, there is a good chance you will attract a good number of people you would not be attracted to and possibly not be noticed by others because your profile will seem so bland.

Pictures: Start with a good profile picture as well. A profile picture should make a good first impression, and leave something to the imagination! So many people on dating websites make the mistake of uploading pictures which are semi-nude or have them in little clothing. If you want to hook up and have one night stands that is fine, but if you are looking for a relationship or to date it is always best to let your profile picture do the talking for you. Pictures of you enjoying yourself or doing something interesting are always best as it can lead to some great conversations and common ground. If you can find pictures of you candidly enjoying activities you love where your face is clearly identified and you aren’t just in huge crowds of people this is best.

A good screen name: A screen name that will catch someone’s eye is very important. If you can, try to make the screen name about you or try to make some kind of pop culture reference within the name. As many websites require a screen name to be all one word you can use capital letters to separate the words in your screen name. Never copy it either, make sure it is unique.

Catchy Headline: Many profiles have a headline or greeting message for users to put on a profile as well. A headline consists of about 15 words and should work the same way as a newspaper article. Try to get readers curious about the rest of the information in your profile. A headline could be a friendly greeting or a challenge to another user to read the rest of your profile. The best headlines will have others reading them and quickly reading the rest of your profile after so take extra time and care to create the perfect headline.

Hopefully these tips can help you to create an attention grabbing gay dating profile. If you are interested in creating a dating profile it is always a good idea to make it attention grabbing and to state your intentions so that you can reach the most users and get exactly what you want out of online dating.

Gay Dating Tips To Meet Gay Men online

March 20th, 2012

Where to meet gay men online

There can be several types of gay dating, especially when it is online. There are those that are just looking for a temporary hook up, and those that are looking for a rather serious relationship. The good thing is that, all this can still be found on the web.  Now, the next obvious question is where can gay guys find or meet other gay guys on the internet? There are several sites which cater to gay dating. Most mainstream dating sites nowadays already cater to gay dating such that when people put up their own dating site account, they will be asked about their preference when it comes to the kind of people they want to meet.

The dating sites that are popular and have already built a reputation on dating are Match.Com, OkCupid, GayDating.Com, Gay.Com, Mancentral.Com, DatingGayNow.Com and Men Nation. Gay people who are looking for dating online can just visit these sites and create an account, post a page about themselves and catch the attention of other gay men who are interested in  knowing them better. You can also meet men on the web through the use of online chat rooms. There are chat rooms that are specific to gay dating. Some forums are also focused on gay males, so hooking up is pretty easy.

Nude or clothed photos on gay dating profile

Should you use nude or clothed photos in your dating profile? Most dating sites don’t allow nudity on profile pictures, and this is a general rule. However, they might allow a little nudity such as half body, but most often than not, they will never allow nudity to cover their site pages. For gay guys who are interested in posting nude photos, they can only do it by cropping the half body  (showing your chest and the upper part of your body) as sites will ban users who will post full nude photos. This is because dating sites want to keep a good reputation and having nude photos will give them a bad one.

Also some guys who are looking for a serious relationship, don’t want to view nude photos right away. A cup of tea and some intellectual exchanges might do when getting to know someone, before the nudity comes in. But in reality it always boils down to the situation.

How to attract gay men on dating sites

I suggest using a smiling photo of yourself.  And as a rule of thumb, men are visual creatures, gay or not. Any gay guy would jump on the occasion where they see a manly face who is looking for a gay to gay relationship. Of course gay guys are also fond of men with hot and buff bodies – so, if you have those attributes, you might want to flaunt your six packs to draw attention to yourself. If you workout and your proud of your body then show it off. If you don’t have a 6 pack stomach then use smiling photos of yourself, it always works!

Traffic & Site Info

March 2nd, 2012


MenNation is a very popular gay dating site. With over 489,000 people visiting the site on a monthly basis it is a top destination site for gay men. As you can see from the chart below traffic to the site has been increasing but it did dip down in November of 2011 but since then it has been on a steady increase. With over 400,000 people visiting the site on a monthly basis your chances of hooking up with a guy locally are quite high.


The age demographics of Men Nation seem to be popular with men over the age of 45 years old right up to 65 years of age. Obviously the most popular gender is going to be male since it is a gay dating site, LOL. When it comes education lots of the guys on MenNation have no college or a bit of college, very few have gone to graduate school. So if you’re looking for an nerdy guy, then this might not be the place for you ha ha.

Top Countries Visiting The Site

I’ve also included a chart listing the top countries and visit the site. The reason I include this chart is that if you’re interested in hooking up with someone in your community and you’re going to have to be aware if the site is is actually popular in your country. Let’s get down to the statistics. Number one is sold Korea with 40% of the visitor is coming from that country, second is 17.5% of game man coming from the USA, then Mexico with 9% and Italy was 2.4%. If euro from one of the other countries such as Venezuela, Canada, the UK and so on. I would recommend I just registering to the site if you are from any of the other countries because your chances of meeting a guy are quite slim since men nation is not very popular in your country and there are very met very many man from that location.

You could also register for free and test drive all the service if you wanted to and see if you actually hook up with someone from your community, but the chances are a little less likely.

Other Sites

Also something to note is that Men Nation is owned by Adult Friend Finder which owns several gay adult dating sites including,, and also So if you already have a dating membership to any of the domains I have just listed then there’s no need for you to register for, you can use the same login information from those other sites to login to MenNation.

Contact Info:

Various, Inc.
220 Humboldt Ct
Sunnyvale, California 94089
United States
Telephone: +1.4087455400
Fax: +1.4087455400

Welcome to MenNation!

January 13th, 2011

Welcome to MenNation! Interested in meeting hot local guys? Do want to see hot photos of wild men ready to hookup, then you are in the right place.