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Gay Dating Tips To Meet Gay Men online

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Where to meet gay men online

There can be several types of gay dating, especially when it is online. There are those that are just looking for a temporary hook up, and those that are looking for a rather serious relationship. The good thing is that, all this can still be found on the web.  Now, the next obvious question is where can gay guys find or meet other gay guys on the internet? There are several sites which cater to gay dating. Most mainstream dating sites nowadays already cater to gay dating such that when people put up their own dating site account, they will be asked about their preference when it comes to the kind of people they want to meet.

The dating sites that are popular and have already built a reputation on dating are Match.Com, OkCupid, GayDating.Com, Gay.Com, Mancentral.Com, DatingGayNow.Com and Men Nation. Gay people who are looking for dating online can just visit these sites and create an account, post a page about themselves and catch the attention of other gay men who are interested in  knowing them better. You can also meet men on the web through the use of online chat rooms. There are chat rooms that are specific to gay dating. Some forums are also focused on gay males, so hooking up is pretty easy.

Nude or clothed photos on gay dating profile

Should you use nude or clothed photos in your dating profile? Most dating sites don’t allow nudity on profile pictures, and this is a general rule. However, they might allow a little nudity such as half body, but most often than not, they will never allow nudity to cover their site pages. For gay guys who are interested in posting nude photos, they can only do it by cropping the half body  (showing your chest and the upper part of your body) as sites will ban users who will post full nude photos. This is because dating sites want to keep a good reputation and having nude photos will give them a bad one.

Also some guys who are looking for a serious relationship, don’t want to view nude photos right away. A cup of tea and some intellectual exchanges might do when getting to know someone, before the nudity comes in. But in reality it always boils down to the situation.

How to attract gay men on dating sites

I suggest using a smiling photo of yourself.  And as a rule of thumb, men are visual creatures, gay or not. Any gay guy would jump on the occasion where they see a manly face who is looking for a gay to gay relationship. Of course gay guys are also fond of men with hot and buff bodies – so, if you have those attributes, you might want to flaunt your six packs to draw attention to yourself. If you workout and your proud of your body then show it off. If you don’t have a 6 pack stomach then use smiling photos of yourself, it always works!

Welcome to MenNation!

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Welcome to MenNation! Interested in meeting hot local guys? Do want to see hot photos of wild men ready to hookup, then you are in the right place.